About Juan Sixtos

Juan is a Latino Fort Worth native, a proud Texan, proud American, and Christian family man, with a keen interest in Civic Duty. He currently serves as the Vice President of the Marine Creek Hills Neighborhood Association, the Neighborhood Crime Watch Captain for the Marine Creek Hills subdivision, and he participates in the Fort Worth COPS (Citizens on Patrol) Code Blue program.

Juan is not a politician, nor is he an insider, just a concerned citizen. He genuinely cares for Fort Worth and his home state of Texas. He knows what it is like to live in a life of poverty, where his father worked two jobs to support the family while his mother attended school. Over the years, seeing his parents struggle, he persevered to be better. He is now an engineer in the software industry. He is married to the love of his life Karen Sixtos, and they have three children, Damian (12), Brandon (11), and Juan (9).

Juan Sixtos for Fort Worth City Council District 2

"Fort Worth is in dire need of new grassroots leaders that will foster an economy encouraging small businesses to create new jobs, improve the quality of our classrooms, establish proper funding for our emergency responders and safeguard them from wrongful persecution, and assure City Hall operates with integrity, competence, and remains customer-centric toward all residents. I am running for Fort Worth City Council to ensure that our city flourishes." - Juan



We need to increase funding to our public safety operations to develop proper and up-to-date training tactics, invest in new tools and non-lethal weapons for police - while still carrying a firearm for when necessary, and a system of de-escalation for inadvertent errors.


Our current investments in our roadway infrastructure have led to congestion problems and increased delays. We need to develop a sustainable road and transit policy with new modes of transportation that will reduce costs to residents. In addition, we need to upgrade and improve our water system to prevent another "great freeze" from occurring in the future.


We need a healthy mix of affordable neighborhoods, apartments, buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, and trees to ensure commuters do not have to travel extreme distances to get to and from work. The master plan for the remaining undeveloped property in the district needs to be re-designed for best utilization.


Though it is the responsibility of all Fort Worth residents to ensure that our parks and historic districts are well maintained and preserved, City Hall should be the driving factor in the effort.


Our founding fathers intended for the framework of how the government operates to be built around federalism. The city also needs to improve communication, transparency, and accountability. It is time the residents of Fort Worth make the decisions at City Hall.


City Hall needs to cut confusing regulations and high taxes for both big and small businesses to bring in new jobs and higher wages. The economy of Fort Worth has so much growth potential.



City Hall should be a responsible steward of our tax dollars, eliminating wasteful spending, which will reduce property tax rates for residents.





There is a need for a liaison between community groups and code compliance for more direct communication to address areas of concern within the district. All Fort Worth residents deserve clean neighborhoods, streets, sidewalks, and parks.



We can combat homelessness by partnering with local agencies for housing, services, and job opportunities.



Animals deserve just as much of a right to life as humans. The city should partner with animal safe haven nonprofits and organizations to support our domestic and livestock animals in living safely and happily, up to and including seminars to educate the public in properly caring for their pets or livestock.

Voting Locations:

Early Voting: Monday, April 19 - Tuesday, April 27

Election Day: Saturday, May 1

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